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Manal Beauty Care is a beauty and skincare brand offering high-quality products. Despite their well-established presence, they faced challenges in driving traffic to their special offers page and converting visitors into customers, necessitating a comprehensive digital marketing overhaul.
Manal Beauty Care struggled with low website traffic and conversion rates, impacting sales and online visibility. They needed an effective strategy to attract their target audience, enhance engagement, and boost performance on their special offers page to achieve their business objectives.
Morellis implemented a comprehensive approach: market analysis, logo animation, graphic design, website and landing page redesign, media buying, and video editing. We optimized their website for SEO and created engaging content to attract and convert their target audience.
Our efforts led to a 40% increase in website traffic and a 25% improvement in conversion rates within two months. The new logo animation and consistent, appealing content strengthened their brand identity, significantly boosting Manal Beauty Care’s online presence and sales performance.
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