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Root ERP System is a provider of a comprehensive ERP system designed to streamline business operations. They needed to enhance their online visibility and attract more clients to their ERP system landing page.
Root ERP System faced challenges in driving traffic to their ERP system landing page and converting visitors into clients. Despite offering a robust solution, they struggled with low engagement and conversions, necessitating an effective digital marketing strategy.
At Morellis, we conducted a thorough market analysis to understand the target audience and competitive landscape. We redesigned the landing page to improve user experience and optimize for higher conversion rates. Our team provided logo animation, engaging graphic design, targeted media buying, produced high-quality promotional videos, and optimized the page for SEO to increase visibility and engagement.
Our strategic efforts resulted in a 50% increase in landing page traffic and a 35% improvement in conversion rates within two months. The enhanced branding, user-friendly design, and engaging content significantly boosted Root ERP System’s online presence and client engagement, helping them achieve their business goals.
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